Strategy Development
We provide added value to our clients strategy development process:
Customized answers to specific business-related questions may represent the small difference between success and failure.
bonigado AG helps the clients developing unique high value strategies providing specific solutions for key business challenges.

We deliver solutions, not papers:
Our strategy consulting team supports business leaders not only to develop winning strategies, but also to implement
and execute them.

We fully understand the gap between paper based strategy and its field implementation:
Our experts combine an extensive practical experience in leading international industries with extraordinary consulting
skills to provide our clients with both high value strategy recommendations and implementation guidance.

We work closely with clients to shape a simple business case for change, providing a detailed implementation roadmap,
and supporting the entire implementation process.

Our formulated strategies maintain a balance between the maximization of enterprise value, gaining a competitive
advantage, and feasibility.


Examples of developped strategies are:

  • corporate vision / group enterprise strategies
  • Business Portfolio strategies / M&A strategies
  • Brand value strategies / customer loyalty strategies
  • Strategies for entry into new markets / new business model development
  • Business recovery strategies
  • Business IT strategies
  • CPM strategies (Customer, Product and Marketing)
  • NPD strategies (New Product Development)
  • SRM strategies (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • SCM strategies (Supply Chain Management)
  • PI strategies (Performance Improvement)
  • VBM strategies (value Base Management)
Process Optimization
bonigado AG is specialized in business transformation and process optimization and undertakes responsibility for the entire
realisation and implementation for all processes along the value chain.
To ensure sustainable process optimisation, bonigado AG is using constantly updated process reference models («best practice»),
which are already linked to modern standard software packages.
Additionally comprehensive expertise in change and project management are decisive for the success of business transformation
The clients of bonigado AG benefit from a permanent traceability of defined project targets and project transparency combined with
professional project management to ensure realization of return of investment often even before end of project.
Thanks to the consultants of bonigado AG and their multidisciplinary approach numerous clients in various industries have optimized
their core processes in a value driven way and were able to ensure a lasting improvement of their competitive situation.



Examples of value-add:

  • Independent, provider neutral perspective
  • Role as catalyst for the organisational change
  • Proven methodologies for process optimization
  • Industry-specific benchmarks and best practices
  • Unconditional result orientation